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2024-07-14 5:00 JST
Benkei performance 2024-07-13 +43.7%

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Benkei Private

Do you know what and how much the fund you are currently investing in is actually buying and why you own the stock? Are you satisfied with the performance?

If your answer is no and you have more than $ 500,000 in operating capital, then Benkei Privatewill be a satisfying investment.

"Benkei Private" means that you first open an account with Benkei's affiliated securities company, Searle Securities, and Benkei (*) will perform the actual operation on your behalf as the owner of the account. Thing.

Since BP is managed by individual accounts, there will be slight differences in performance depending on the start time of the account, the wishes of the investor's investment policy, etc., but there is not much difference in the stocks to invest. So, regarding performance, You can refer to iBenkei.com(Performance chart). The performance of iBenkei.com is calculated by the simple average of the stocks, and the timing such as the purchase time is not considered at all, so there is a difference (especially in the short term) from the actual operation results in BP. Therefore, please consider it as a rough guide. However, its performance is a thing of the past and there is no guarantee in the future.

The advantages of BP (other than performance) are:
   1.Since it is operated with a personal account, it can be operated carefully at the right time.
2.Since it is operated without worrying about the performance of the index ratio, it is easy to operate while minimizing the risk and
 maximizing the return.
3.Investors can see all transactions and rest assured that everything is transparent.
4.You can always contact Benkei, who is in charge of operations, and receive an explanation about the current state of operations.

Benkei / Private can be managed based on the investment policy, if specified, so unlike Benkei / Fund, it is a customized "completely private asset management account just for you". Please think that.

In the Benkei Private investment that we have received so far, the principal is divided by all accounts regardless of the start time, that is, regardless of whether the entire stock market starts when it is high or low. There is no such thing (actually, each of them greatly exceeds the principal), and we have left an operational record. If you want to make a big profit while minimizing the possibility of breaking the principal with an investment of 500,000 dollars or more, please consider it.

If you are a Benkei Private person, you will be a permanent member of iBenkei.com , and you will be able to access the iBenkei.com membership page and all functions for free.

Please feel free to contact benkei@benkei.usfor any inquiries, questions, or applications to BP. In some cases, we may not be able to accept your request, so please be patient in that case.

President of Benkei Asset Management LLC
Takuya Arai

(*)To be precise, it will be operated by Benkei Asset Management LLC (= Known as BAM = Bam), which is represented by Takuya Arai, also known as "Benkei".

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