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2024-07-14 4:09 JST
Benkei performance 2024-07-13 +43.7%

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How to apply for Benkei Private (BP)

Benkei's investment policy is "long-term investment" aiming for low risk and high return. Therefore, the relationship with you will be long. Please carefully consider whether Benkei's investment policy is suitable for investors. The more money you spend on long-term investment, the less money you spend on a daily basis, and the less money you have for emergencies.

In addition, past performance does not guarantee future performance, and depending on the market environment, even if you take a prudent investment policy, your account balance may decrease significantly. If you have any questions or doubts about your investment policy, investment policy, etc., please contact us in advance until you are satisfied.

If you carefully consider these points and find that BP fits your asset formation plan, you can find it in "Forms, etc.", 0-1.BP contract Please fill in the required items on the BP contract, sign it, and send it to benkei@benkei.us by e-mail attachment.

The actual operation and advice can be provided in the name of an individual or a company, but in the latter case, please fill in the above information of the representative.

The contract is signed between the securities account holder and Benkei Asset Management LLC (BAM).

President of Benkei Asset Management LLC
Takuya Arai

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